16 de jun de 2011

I still love you I want you to know that even though our love is prohibited by the ignorance of people, I love you and I fight against all odds to have you by my side forever, only for me. I stroke her hair, contemplating the beauty of your eyes, kiss your lips, I touch your body and let it all happen. You're the air I breathe, you are more beautiful than anything in the world. You are the man of my life, sometimes I am thinking of the times we spent together ... and that moment! These moments have the value of eternity. And I'm also thinking about why not have him beside me, perhaps because of my cowardice in not having fought for my feelings. I thought I should choke him inside of me and try to forget you. Actually I should have shouted to everyone that I loved, which was with you I wanted to stay forever, but my courage was not greater than the love I felt. But today, maybe you do not understand, may be too late, but I love you, time passed and I could not forget you. But okay, I only regret not fighting for you, have lost the chance to be happy. But if you loved me and still has feelings for me, forgive me, or give us a better chance to be happy, because we are two unfortunate souls, trying to prove something to people that we are not "happy"! My love, let's end this lie, let's give our love another chance, or that time has run out. by maria
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